Windsor May Fence Off Tornado-Damaged Buildings

Tornado Damaged More Than 800 Homes, Buildings

The town of Windsor may soon erect fences around some buildings that haven't been repaired since a devastating tornado last spring.

The May 22 tornado killed one person, destroyed nearly 80 homes and damaged about 770 others.

Town officials said owners of 14 homes and one commercial building have made little progress toward repairing tornado damage that could pose a public safety hazard.

Officials may have 6- to 10-foot chain-link fences with locked gates installed around the most seriously damaged structures. Owners would have to work with the town to get access to their property.

The town could use lawsuits or liens to recover any money it spends on the fencing.

There is some good news in Windsor. Dayna and Michael Edwards were able to move back into their home 74 days after the tornado seriously damaged their home. A restoration company rebuilt it.

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