Windsor Exhales On First Holiday Since Tornado

Day Offers Chance To Rest After Devastating Storm

Splashing and laughing returned to Windsor on the Fourth of July, just weeks after a tornado tore through the town.

May 22 is a day many will never forget in this small, tight-knit community northeast of Loveland.

The massive twister uprooted dozens of large trees and flattened dozens of homes.

In contrast to previous days, where activity and clean-up efforts seemed to be constant, there was very little happening.

One, lone painter was found finishing up the inside of a home in the hard-hit Cornerstone development.

"This is really close to the last part," said Doug Scott. "I think it's a good sign, y'know? People are starting to relax a little bit and take it easy."

Not everyone is pleased, however.

One woman was outside, watering her plants because the inside of her home was still not repaired.

She said her insurance company has delayed payment.

"Just fighting, nitpicking -- just to get them to do one thing," said Pam Klement. "People can't believe it. When they ask, 'Hows' it going?' It sounds so negative (to respond) that you just want to save them (from) the story. But I've gotten nothing but the runaround."

There are some notes painted onto the sides of homes, some with blue tarps covering the roof.

One reads, "Western Mutual, where are you?"

Many other homes are fully restored.

At the Chimney Park swimming pool, the waterslide was back.

The pool was uncovered when the tornado roared in, filling the pool with dust and one large garbage dumpster.

It was cleaned and re-opened in mid-June.

The holiday Friday allowed many to relax by the water and reflect on how things have changed from previous Independence Days.

"It's probably better knowing, y'know, that we all made it through. And there was only one death throughout that whole scenario. And we're just glad, uh, the rest of us made it through," said resident Tom Panichelli.

Friday's fireworks show at Boardwalk Park was scheduled for 8:00 p.m.

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