Windsor Day Care Reopens

Skyview Elementary Will Serve As Temporary Center

The Windmill Child Enrichment Center in Windsor is back in business, but at a new location.

The day care reopened at Skyview Elementary School in Windsor.

The Windmill building took a direct hit during last Thursday's monster tornado.

Engineers are trying to determine whether the building can be restored, or whether they should tear it down and rebuild from scratch.

The owner of the day care, who also built the center, said parents have thanked him for the solid construction of the building, which was still standing after the storm while many neighboring buildings were destroyed.

"If I take praise, I'll take 1 percent, because we know it's the guy upstairs. I firmly believe he placed his hand over the top of this building and said, 'Not this one!'" said Shane Paterson.

Windmill can only stay at its temporary Skyview Elementary location until July.

Paterson said he will do whatever it takes to establish a permanent location as soon as possible.

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