JonBenet Murder Suspect John Mark Karr Accused Of Cyberstalking

Report: Karr Has Changed Appearance To Look Like A Woman

The man who once falsely claimed he killed JonBenet Ramsey four years ago is now under investigation for cyberstalking a woman he met when he was a teacher, a Seattle TV station reports.

Samantha Spiegel, 19, told Inside Edition that she first met John Mark Karr in San Francisco 10 years ago when he taught there as a substitute teacher.

They recently reconnected over video chat and e-mail. She tried to break off the relationship and claims Karr threatened to killer her reported KING 5 News.

The station reported Karr may be living in Seattle and may have changed his appearance to look like a woman. Citing court documents, KING 5 reported Karr changed his name to Alexis Valoran Reich and became a woman to get closer to young girls.

The station claimed that Karr is also accused of trying to form a cult of JonBenet look-alikes, and that he would call these young girls "The Immaculates."

Karr was arrested in 2006 after confessing to killing Ramsey. DNA analysis later proved he was lying about the murder.