Estes Park Elk Frees Itself Of Plastic Chair

DOW Gets Hundreds Of Calls About Elk

Residents of Estes Park have been keeping track of a cow elk in quite a dilemma after she somehow got a plastic chair stuck around her neck.

Fortunately, the elk was able to free herself of the chair Friday afternoon.

Kris Hazelton, owner of Estes Park News, said the elk has been wandering around the town sporting the plastic chair for days. Hazelton said police dispatch has received hundreds of calls from residents who have spotted the elk.

Colorado Division of Wildlife officials were out to observe her, but they said that since she was able to eat and get around, the risks of tranquilizing her were too great due to the freezing temperatures overnight.

The chair appeared to be broken, so DOW officials predicted that it would fall or break off, and they were right.

Officials were prepared to tranquilize the elk if they thought it was necessary, but ultimately, it wasn't needed.

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