Elk Tangles With Bar Stool, Is Now Wearing It

Wildlife Officers: Bar Stool Not Stopping Animal

An elk that apparently tangled with a bar stool is now wearing the bar stool on its neck.

Reports about the cow elk started coming into 7NEWS more than a week ago. Now residents in the area have taken photos of the elk wearing the bar stool.

Wildlife officers are aware of the elk's problem, but haven't been able to get close enough to tranquilize the elk and remove the extra headgear.

"It is not usual to have this happen to a cow elk," DOW officer Randy Hampton said. "With bull elk, we run to that situation commonly where they wiill get stuff tangled up in their antlers."

In past years, elk have ended up with plastic lawn chairs and Christmas lights around their necks.

Wildlife officers have gotten close to her once but she was with a herd of elk and the area had a lot of houses and roads, Hampton said.

"What we don't we want is to endanger people or more elk," Hampton said.

But there's no rush since the furniture piece does not appear to be a danger to her or other elk.

"She's very active," wildlife manager Craig Wescoatt told the Vail Daily newspaper. "The bar stool doesn't seem to be impairing her to any great degree. She just looks kind of goofy."

Wescoatt said residents believe the elk picked up the stool during a visit to the Brush Creek Saloon or the Dusty Boot Saloon.

Carrie Rousseau spotted the elk between Eagle and Gypsum, just south of Highway 6 early one morning and took pictures of it with the herd.

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