Customers Demand Headstones After Denver Firm Closes

114-Year-Old Watson Memorial Co. Abruptly Closes

Watson Memorial Company has been around for seven generations, serving the Denver metro area since 1897.

But since the Fourth of July weekend, customers tells 7NEWS the business has been locked and its phone is disconnected.

On the front door of the building on South Quebec street, there was a note Sunday that read: "Where is Mom's headstone?"

We talked to Sharon Avramidis, the woman who left the note. Avramidis said she ordered a headstone from Watson Memorial in March for her late mother. Avramidis added that she wanted the headstone to match one she bought for her father when he died in 1990.

Avramidis said her family had no prior problems with Watson Memorial, which provided her father's headstone. But, after paying Watson Memorial for her mother's headstone, Avramidis said, she hasn't been able to reach the firm's owner.

7NEWS spoke with Tammy McCarty on the phone. She's the sister of one of Watson Memorial's owners. McCarty said it's been a family business for seven generations. She said her brother Andy Noe has been running the business for the last three years.

"It's been in the family for a long, long time. It's near and dear to my heart," McCarty said. "It makes me sick what my brother has done to the business. Before he took over the business approximately three years ago, it was a good, reputable business, and I want people to remember that," she added.

McCarty said the family also is having problems with her brother. When 7NEWS asked if she knew where her brother was, McCarty said she hadn't spoken to him for months.

McCarty said she feels terrible about what happened and hopes to resolve the issues with the customers.

"I'm asking them (customers) to please be patient with me," McCarty said. "There's a lot of legal issues right now, but I do want to find a way to complete their stones and bring a closure to this."

7NEWS left a phone message for Andy Noe, but he had not called back Sunday.

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