Orthodontist's patients get free care and learn from doctor how to pay it forward

Smile for a Lifetime gives care to deserving kids

DENVER - Braces can do wonders for your smile, but not your pocketbook. 7Everyday Hero Kevin Theroux is here to help.

He is an orthodontist who is paying it forward. In Dr. Theroux's office some kids pay for their braces by serving others.

"They agree to do a 40-hour community service project of their own design and they have to complete the project before the braces are removed," said Theroux.

Theroux participates in a nationwide non-profit called Smile for a Lifetime.

"Through our program every year we do eight to ten sets of free braces for deserving kids in our community," said Theroux.

And Theroux adds something he calls the "pay it forward clause."

"I don't care where you are in life, or what your situation is, you yourself can still help other people. Philanthropy is a necessary part of life," said Theroux.

Thanks to Dr. Theroux, dozens of young people have beautiful smiles, as well as experience volunteering in their community.

"I worked with middle school aged girls with low self esteem who were bullied," said client Jocelyne Miramontes.

"I collected books from around the community and I donated them to a local church and they are doing an after school reading program," said client Katy Daigle.

"I really wanted to help kids because I had a lot of problems when I was in elementary and I just wanted to pay it forward by helping other kids," said client Angela Chavez.

"I am much more of a leader now in my community," said client Chelsie Fincher.

Dr. Theroux has provided more than 40 free sets of braces and dental care in the last four and half years.

And he has helped teach lessons that will also last a lifetime.

"We are really here to show them they can achieve anything they want and they can still help other people even if they are going through some struggles in their own life in that time. I kind of lived a life like that as a child so I hope to inspire them a little bit," said Theroux.

To learn more about Smile for a Lifetime of greater Denver click on http://drtheroux.com/our-team/smile-for-lifetime-greater-denver/

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