What to do to protect plants during the spring storm

Posted at 11:01 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 01:01:35-04

DENVER -- The recent warm weather has tricked many of our plants into thinking it's spring, so what happens to them in the blizzard?

We checked with the gardening pros at O'Toole's Garden Center, located at 5201 S Federal Blvd in Littleton, and they said the good news is our plants and lawns need this moisture, and the snow (if it's not too heavy) could actually insulate them against the cold weather.

Before the blizzard, customers were rushing in to buy fertilizer and weed preventer so it would be watered in by the storm.

For people seeing bulbs starting to sprout, O'Toole's store manager Chris Ibsen said they are strong and should be fine. For more delicate plants, or plants that have just been planted, you could cover them with a frost blanket.

"If you want to protect the blooms that are on the crocus or the hyacinths [genus], then you might want to put something like the frost blanket down. It could actually be a sheet — anything that breathes. Do not use the plastic because the plastic is going to do more damage than good," said Ibsen.


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