Storm Shield: How To Use Tutorial

Using Storm Shield Keeps You Connected To Severe Weather Anywhere

Welcome to Storm Shield. A powerful new tool brought to you exclusively from 7NEWS.

Simply download for your iPhone from Apple's App-Store.


Once installed the setup is very easy. Here's how I setup my phone:


By selecting the main menu the first section lists your locations. Let's set this up first by scrolling to the bottom of the menu and you'll see "Settings" in the EXTRAS section.

Start with Locations at the top. Select "Add Location..." and simply type in the name of the town you'd like to add to your listing. This will store this location and always notify you of severe weather occurring here. These don't just have to be local cities, for example you can see that I added Denver, Parker, Castle Rock, and also Kansas City. You may select any town you'd like. You can also drag the pin directly to the intersection of your kids' school and label it "Kids School."

Go back to the Settings menu and let's go through the Alerts this time. You may select any or all of the National Weather Service Watches/Warnings/Advisories listed. I have all the 'Thunderstorm and Tornadoes' alerts selected. This can be set to only what you want to be alerted to.

Next, in the Settings menu tap "Background Tracking". This is where the app will follow you and keep you up to date on your exact location. So, if you setup your home location to be Denver, but are driving to Boulder this is where you tell the app to follow you and let you know if you will have severe weather right where you are. Since I am always in the studio, I have my 'Location Tracking' turned off. If you select to have it on, you run the risk of quickly depleting your battery. Thankfully, there is a selection that allows you to save a bit on battery life by not constantly running your phone's location service; that's the slider bar in the center of the screen.

Finally in the Settings menu is "Notifications" which you will want on if you want your phone to beep/buzz and display a warning banner as alerts are issued.


Now that you are all set with your locations there are some really nice features. You can track the live radar and watch the storms arrive/leave.

Select iMap Radar from the main menu and you'll immediately connect to a radar picture. The locations you setup will also appear on the map as pin-drops. This radar image will automatically update and will display any weather watches/warnings right on the map also.

You can stay up to date with severe weather forecast information by reading through the SPC Outlooks. This is where you can stay on top of severe weather days in advance.


If you are looking for more personal forecast information the Twitter option under 7NEWS in the main menu connects you straight to the twitter feeds of the 7NEWS Weather Team. This is where we often times post forecasts, storm pictures, etc..


This section is where you setup your Settings previously, and also where you can reach a support person for the app.

That's it! So easy and very handy. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to send me your feedback! Contact Matt Makens , or on Facebook and/or Twitter .

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