Mike Nelson's Weather Blog: December 2010

TheDenverChannel.com has plenty of great resources for your weather needs. Many of you have been using our FutureCast feature for several years. Now it is even better as we have given you the ability to animate the FutureCast maps, select the parameters you want to display and scan the future weather anywhere in the contiguous United States!

We have also updated our Custom Forecast feature - making it easier to interpret and to select the type of weather conditions you want to display for your area.

There are many exciting and exclusive features on TheDenverChannel.com weather page.

Here are some quick links to seven of my favorites!

FutureCast- An exclusive feature that you will not find from any of the other local TV or newspaper websites.

Custom Forecast - A FREE point and click forecast service that gives you hour by hour precision forecasts!

InterActive Radar - You control this realtime radar! Zoom in right down to your backyard.

Airport & Flight Status - Want to know if your flight is on time, click here! Plus scroll down a bit and get the forecast for your destination!

Jet Stream - Try this one! You can see the current jet stream position, and see the forecast for the winds aloft. A great way to keep an eye on the storm track. Also click on the other tabs to check the snow cover, weather fronts, air quality and much more!

Ski & Snow Report - Simply the best local snow page! Not only a list of the current snowfall, but a current picture of the weather at your favorite resort. I challenge the other TV stations to even come close!

7 Day Outlooks - Not just the Denver 7 Day Forecast, we give you 7 Day Forecasts, current conditions and an image from two dozen cities around the region. Try and find that on the "other" TV websites!

In the 24/7 Weather Center, our goal is to provide the best weather on the web! Stop by anytime and click around - you will see the 7News difference!

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and if you have a "weather nut" in your family, you may be trying to figure out what to get them. Here are some recommendations from all of us in the 24/7 Weather Center.

24/7 WEATHER ALERT RADIO The 24/7 Weather Team encourage families, schools and businesses to purchase weather radios to stay safe during Colorado's frequent severe weather. These radios offer 24/7 peace of mind when the skies turn threatening!

2011 Colorful Colorado Calendar! A lovely full color calendar filled with superb Colorado images! Local photographer Christopher Walsh shares his enthusiasm for our state's scenic beauty!

24/7 PREMIUM WEATHER - The gift of high tech desktop weather! Our patented storm-tracker is unlike anything else out there! 24/7 Premium Weather tracks storms on an interactive map, provides enhanced severe weather alerts, and has many other fun features for your weather enthusiast!

2011 National Storm Chase Convention - The top tornado chasers in the country will be in Denver in February. Give someone the gift of attending the convention!

THE COLORADO WEATHER ALMANAC - My book on Colorado's wild weather, also available in many local bookstores.

WeatherWise Magazine - The bi-monthly weather magazine for weather enthusiasts.

TORNADO HUNTER - You may have seen Tim Samaras on Stormchasers on the Discovery Channel. This is his book about tornadoes.

ThunderChase.com - Tim Samaras's website about storm chasing. You can order his chase DVD!

HUNTING NATURE'S FURY - Legendary tornado chaser Roger Hill shares his experiences.

In Search of Supercells - Roger Hill's amazing chase DVDs!

TORNADOWEAR STORE - Get your weather nut some of the latest in tornado chase fashion!

Tornadoeskick.com - Tony Laubach's website featuring photos and DVDs available for sale.

WIND AND WEATHER - One of my favorite sites to find really cool weather gear.

Vantage Pro Weather Station - I have this one at my house and it works very nicely!

BASIC WEATHER STATION - A less expensive weather station, but still does a nice job!

My First Weather Station - A great weather station for younger weather nuts!

STORM CHASER - SEASON 4 - Order the 4th season of storm chasers featuring 7News's own Tony Laubach as well as Denver-based storm chaser, Tim Samaras.

GRLevelX Software - Highly detailed weather radar programs that allow you to track severe weather.

TIM VASQUEZ WEATHERGRAPHICS - Weather expert Tim Vasquez has a series of excellent forecasting books that are filled with a wealth of weather knowledge.

CoCoRahs Weather Calendar - CoCoRahs - The Community Collaborative Rain & Hail Study - has put together a very nice weather calendar for 2011. Plus, you can get your "weather-nut" signed to be a CoCoRahs volunteer!

I predict that the weather nut in your family will have plenty of warm feelings for these gift ideas!

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