Mike Nelson's Colorado -- Roxborough State Park

A John Fielder Favorite

Beautiful Roxborough State Park is just one of many places in Colorado that isn’t far away from the Denver metropolitan area.

Known for its unique rock formations, wildlife and tranquility, Roxborough State Park is only 10 minutes south of C-470. But once you are there, you’re a whole world away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Colorado's favorite photographer, John Fielder, lists Roxborough State Park as one of his 10 favorite places on planet Earth. Photographer John Fielder being videotape working in Roxborough State Park by 7NEWS photojournalist Major King.

Visitors are greeted with red sandstone rocks, foliage and greenery like no place else in the state, all set to the beautiful Colorado blue sky.

"This is a place I come to frequently when I just want to be by myself and get away from stuff. I come out here and there's nobody out here during the week," says John Fielder.

Roxborough became a state park in the 1970s, after a housing development went bankrupt.

The park is known for its 500 million-year-old rock formations, and has been designated a National Natural Landmark.

"When you have 3,000 acres of intact ecosystem, it not only promotes floral growth, it promotes a great place for deer and other creatures to exist. Deer and mountain lion are quite common up here," says Fielder.

The road through the park takes you to awe inspiring scenery that is different from one season to the next.

"Mid-October, this place will go from the color contrast of green grasses against red -- to brown, orange and beige of the grasses against red," says Fielder. "In the winter, the sandstone are covered with white snow." Photographer John Fielder with 7NEWS meteorologist Mike Nelson and Cindy Nelson.

To learn more about photographer John Fielder's photography, workshops and art gallery, go to www.johnfielder.com.

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