Mike Nelson's Colorado-- Riding A Diggler

So I went to Copper Mountain to find out what this Diggler was all about.

Why is Diggler-mania sweeping the nation? What is the attraction to this hybrid mix between a skateboard, a scooter, and a mountain bike? This mountain mutt, if you will?

We got to the base of the mountain, and right there next to the American Eagle lift were the Digglers. There is no mistaking them (not just because of the sign that says "Digglers.") You notice them right away. There are smaller Digglers for kids to ride around the village. And then the big guys.

The Digglers have regular bike tires, a wide skateboard-type base, and handlebars with brakes like a scooter. They’re really easy to ride. Like a stand-up bike.

After pushing around the base of the mountain, we decided to head on up and really put the Diggler to the test.

So we got on the lift and started up. Halfway up, the heavens opened up and it started pouring rain and sleet. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees. We were cold and soaked to the bone and we hadn't even made it off the lift!

We rode out the storm in the lift-shack, and when the weather cleared we got aboard the Digglers.

The only problem was the trail was nothing but mud! But that was not going to stop us on our quest to Diggle. We started down the road. Amazingly, the Digglers handled the sloppy trail just fine. You can really get going fast. Since it was our first time, we used the brakes early and often. We were a bit tentative given the conditions and our inexperience. View from a diggler

But as we made our way down, our confidence grew along with our ability to handle the Diggler. We ended up flying down the mountain!

The Diggler is a little rough on the forearms, especially when the trail got rocky. But nobody was harmed in the filming of our story. A good time was had by all.

It takes just a few minutes to get comfortable. And then you just stand back and let the machine head down the trail!

I highly recommend the Diggler for a new and exciting way to get down the mountain.

You can try out the Diggler at Copper Mountain intil mid-September. Diggler rentals are $15 for one hour, $27 for three hours. Lift tickets are $10. Learn more about the Diggler on Copper's Web site, under summer activities.

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