Mike Nelson's Colorado -- Pikes Peak Bike Tour

Biking Down a 14er

If you are looking for a great adventure, but don't want to work that hard, how about a bike ride that is almost all downhill?

That's the deal from the folks at Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours, near Colorado Springs.

This is a venture that will have you up before sunrise and it is about 95 percent downhill.

The day will start with a safety lesson on the top of Pikes Peak, which sits at an altitude of 14,100 feet above sea level.

Once ready to hit the road, your tour group will follow the guide down a winding, sometimes dirt and sometimes paved road on the mountain. A van follows behind with medical gear and supplies.

The trip will take you down 7,000 vertical feet in roughly 20 miles. Bikers in the distance on a section of the Pikes Peak highway.

"There is no better way to come down off Pikes Peak than on a bike. You just get to see amazing views and have a lot of fun," said Dylan, a guide for Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours.

The ride will cost you about $100, and that includes breakfast, a ride up the mountain, your bike, all necessary equipment and cold weather gear. You can even purchase a package that takes you up the mountain on the Cog Railroad.

To ride a bike down Pikes Peak visit Pikes Peak Mountain bike tours. You can also reach them at 1-888-593-3062.

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