How much rain has fallen in Denver this week? And is it a good time to start using your rain barrel?

How much rain has fallen in Denver this week? And is it a good time to start using your rain barrel?
Posted at 5:09 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-27 19:09:39-04

DENVER – The first day of fall in Colorado brought some incredible amount of snow to the mountains, and just a few days later, turned the last of Denver’s sunny skies into a gloomy reminder that now is the time to start preparing for the winter months ahead.

So, how much rain has fallen in the City of Denver?

Data collected from the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (COCORAHs) shows the Mile High City has received just received just a little more than an inch of rain since last week.

Denver7 First Alert Weather Meteorologist Stacey Donaldson said despite the low amount, the city broke a record on Saturday, when it received a total of 0.83 inches.

Several other municipalities worth mentioning when it comes to rainfall: Bailey (0.33 inches), Evergreen (0.62 inches), Grant (0.52 inches), Elizabeth (0.10 inches), Westminster (0.08 inches) and Lakewood (0.10 inches). Measurements for the city of Denver for Sept. 27 have yet to come in.

Is it time to start thinking about using your rain barrel?

Donaldson said that this drizzly, light rain isn’t enough for rain barrels to start coming into play just yet – and it won’t be for a while, as the forecast is calling for drier weather as we head into the weekend with a high of 75 with mostly sunny skies and a low of 47 with a 10 percent chance of precipitation.

Colorado’s rain barrel law went into effect on August 10, 2016, and allows anyone living in the state to use rain barrels at their homes to collect water.

The highly-debated new law changed state water law that dates back to the 1850s.

Installing a rain barrel in your home

Follow these tips when installing a rain barrel as you prepare for the winter months:

  • Place your barrel on a raised surface near your gutter
  • Check your gutter for debris and install a downspout
  • You can cut the gutter to install a rain diverter, or tube, which diverts the water from your roof into your rain barrel.
  • Reinforce with caulk or screws
  • Test it by running water through your gutter


You'll want to make sure your barrel has a proper lid to prevent mosquito breeding grounds.

One final recommendation, add 0.1 percent dilution of bleach to the water collected to help keep bugs out of the water during the summer months. 

You can purchase rain barrels at most home improvement stores.