Denver Likely Won't See Northern Lights

Chance of Seeing Northern Lights is Small For Colorado

The recent solar storm reached Earth with minimal impacts on satellites, the power grid, cell phones, etc., but will bring a brilliant display of the northern lights to many across the northeastern United States.

Areas near Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia will have a chance of seeing the northern lights tonight. This is rare for the lights to be so far south, but the strength of the recent solar storm will make the lights visible farther south.

As you can see from this forecast image , the possible viewing areas are too far north of Colorado. Although, like any forecast, there is room for error. If the forecast for the Aurora moves south, we'll pass that along to you.

The good news is that if the northern lights shift farther south, the Colorado clear sky will help with any viewing.

I'll also post changes to the forecast on Facebook and Twitter.