1 killed, 7 hurt in lightning strike at Rocky Mountain National Park

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, Colo. - One woman was killed and seven other people were injured by a lightning strike in Rocky Mountain National Park Friday.

Park Rangers were notified around 1:20 p.m. about a strike that hit the Ute Crossing Trail, which is located off Trail Ridge Road between Rainbow Curve and Forest Canyon Overlook. Park Spokesman Kyle Patterson said the strike killed one woman.

Two of the seven others affected by the lightning strike were taken to Estes Park Medical Center by ambulance. The five others drove themselves to the hospital.

Park officials did not identify the woman who died, or the people who were injured. 

7NEWS Reporter Marshall Zelinger looked into how a group of people can all be struck by lightning without getting hit by the bolt.

The phenomena is the result of ground currents, which can run through multiple people.

"If you ever feel that tingling, that means that a lightning strike might happen at any time," said Eddie Goldstein, a Denver Museum of Nature & Science Senior educator.

Goldstein shared some advice if you are stuck outside and feel a lightning strike is imminent:

"Put your feet together so they touch, drop down on the balls of your feet. Cover your ears and cover your eyes and hang on. This is not safe, but it minimizes the chance of having a death from lightning strike."

"When your feet are apart, the lightning that skitters along the ground, can go up one foot, up a leg, into your body, down your other leg and out."

"And by going and by making a low profile, you're once again, minimizing the chance that the current will go through your body."

Click for advice from NOAA on Lightning Safety

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