Driving You Crazy: Our shocks are suffering when we hit this gap on 270 just before we get on I-25

We avoid the dips is by riding the left white line
Posted at 7:48 AM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 13:06:53-05

Kirsten from Broomfield writes, “What’s driving you crazy? I watch you every morning before I go to work, and not long ago you reported how a woman complained about a tree blocking a street sign. Maybe you can help here? I drive from Broomfield to Aurora every day, and on the return trip on the westbound 270 to I-25 north, there are 3 lane width joints that need filling. The only way to avoid the dips is by riding the left white line, which isn't a great idea when cars are zooming by to the 36. If you could inform someone, that would be so wonderful. My car's shocks are suffering, well maybe not mine since I ride the line, but many other cars are. Thank you for your time.  You and Lisa are my favorites, but don't tell Mitch and Dayle.”

Kirsten, I contacted CDOT about your complaint and I also decided to take a drive on Saturday so I could take a personal look at the area you are talking about. What I was looking for were the gaps in the expansion joints on the I-270 bridge over Washington Street just before the split to go either north on I-25 or west on Highway 36.

You can see the gaps in the google map view of the expansion joints from back in October, 2016. But what I found, as you can see from my dash cam video I took this weekend, is fresh asphalt that filled the holes that were a threat to your suspension system. It was a smooth ride across that bridge for me. Then I saw your follow-up email that reads, “You are a miracle worker! When I drove home Friday night the gaps were filled! I was tickled pink as my mother used to say. CDOT certainly listens to you. Thanks again and I'll be watching.”

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The maintenance workers for CDOT are excellent about responding to complaints from anyone, not just me, about potholes or other maintenance issues you might come across while traveling on our state highways. If you see a pothole or maintenance problem that CDOT needs to repair, you can send them the information on their complaint page.

By the way, I will make sure I don’t tell Mitch or Dayle that Lisa and I are your favorite. They never read my traffic stories anyway.

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