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Driving You Crazy: Do cars in Colorado need to have a front license plate?

Posted: 10:30 AM, Nov 06, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-06 12:30:51-05
Do cars here need to have a front license plate?
Do cars here need to have a front license plate?

Lynn from Aurora writes, “What is driving you crazy? I am seeing more cars on the road without the front license plate. This is a Colorado requirement?”


The short answer is yes, in Colorado the owner of the vehicle has to put on a license plate in the front and back of a vehicle unless it is a motorcycle, autocycle, or street rod vehicle. The reason is that it is easier for police to identify the vehicle by having front and rear plates. It also helps in hit and run crashes when a bumper is left at the scene of the crash. 


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The tolling authorities like E470 and CDOT’s HPTE,  also like vehicles to have front and rear plates as it is easier to identify the vehicle owner and collect tolls. Being caught without a front plate will earn the driver a $75 fine.

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