Yogis are barking for Denver's furry fitness trend Dog Yoga, or 'Doga'

AURORA, Colo. - Denver pet owners take their animals with them everywhere: to work and on walks, but even this yoga class has gone to the dogs.

It's called "Doga," or dog yoga, and it's held at Camp Bow Wow in Aurora, where Paws4Fitness personal trainer Isabel Chamberlin and her pals, Guinness and Voodoo, lead an hour-long class for yogis who can't get enough of their four-legged friends.

"For years I'd go exercise and then come home and walk my dog again, so you combine the two," says participant Hope Parker. "You get to bond with your dog. You get to share the experience."

It's is a typical yoga class, except practitioners bring their dogs. Not every moment is Zen and the distractions make balance a challenge, but dog owners say they love it.

"I absolutely love this class. Already see a change in my Chihuahua, who is normally high energy," says Doga enthusiast Wayne Easter.

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