The Hendo Hoverboard on Kickstarter is every 80s kid's dream

DENVER - In 1989 Robert Zemeckis featured a fictional hoverboard in his film "Back To The Future 2" and nearly every 80s kid has wanted one ever since.

California-based Hendo Hover launched a Kickstarter on Tuesday to fund a hoverboard that levitates an inch off the ground. The company has figured out a way to manipulate magnetic poles using patented Magnetic Field Architecture. Hendo says their technology is scalable and floating skateboards is the first stop before introducing hovering cars and trains.

Hendo's website claims their hoverboard offers a smoother glide than traditional skateboard wheels and gives the operator full control over the propulsion of the deck, moving left to right, front and back.

The project does have a few shortcomings. The device can only be used on metal surfaces. So, no trips to the local skate park or hovering in your driveway.This hovercraft comes with a hefty price tag too. It costs $10,000 for one of the first 10 production models available in October 2015. 

Jill and Greg Henderson founded the company after spending years trying to develop technology to create hovering housing.

"The idea came from being able to levitate buildings out of earthquakes," Greg Henderson told Forbes. "We want to use the Hendo hoverboard and hover engines as a way to capture attention and bring attention to an important topic."


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