CNN study looks at teen social media use; some use it 100 times a day

DENVER - How many times have you looked at your smart phone today? Five times? Ten times?

A first of its kind study from CNN followed more than 200 teens online, tracking their social media movements. One-third of the teens said they check social media more than 25 times a day on a typical weekend, some as much as 100 times a day. 

So what are they checking? According to the report, 80 percent said they are simply bored. 61 percent wanted to see if their posts are getting liked, and 21 percent said they want to make sure no one is saying mean things about them. The study also discovered the more teens look at social media, the more upset they often become.

But is this compulsion to check in really all that surprising? Lynn Schofield Clark, a professor of media at the University of Denver says no.

“It's really important to recognize that young people have always been in contact with their peer as often as they can during the day. And in the past that's been through school and through passing notes and now we see young people who are able to be in communication constantly through text messaging or whatever they’re using,” she said.

So what can parents do to help their teens navigate their social media feeds?

“[They] need to think about themselves not as a spy but as a guide. Just ask your child if you can follow them or if they can give you a tour,” said Clark.

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