Scam Facebook app claims to change profile color, but downloads malware and posts spam as you

If you've used Facebook for more than a month, you're probably already tired of the blue color scheme. So, the excitement of users who unwittingly clicked on the "Facebook Color Changer" web-app is understandable.

The app is a scam and has taken control of over 10,000 Facebook profiles, turning them into zombies that further spread the virus.

The app promises to give Facebook users a wide array of colors to use for their profiles. When clicked, the app routes users to a tutorial video. While the video loads, malware infests the users PC and the app helps itself to your Facebook page, posting spam to your friends as if it were you.

The good news is that the malware is easy to get rid of. Security experts say to change passwords and run a virus scan on your PC.

If you really want to change the color of your Facebook profile, there is one legitimate service called "Color My Facebook".

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