Rent-a-chicken business hatches in Denver metro area

BRIGHTON, Colo. - Renting a chicken may sound like a semi-hatched business model, but it is 100 percent real and here in our area.

Jann Symons and her husband Jim Perry are one of only a few chicken rental services in the nation. For $67 a month, Jann's Henny Penny Farm outside Brighton hand-delivers two hens in a portable coop, along with food and bedding.

"It gives people the chance to be the fair-weather urban farmer," Symons said. "This could really give people an opportunity to experiment with it without have to lay out the investment of building a chicken coop only to discover it's not for them."

The Now Denver: Watch Friday at 4 p.m. for a report about how this business is growing

She says chickens are easy pets that come with the added benefit: Chicken renters can expect about a dozen fresh eggs each week.

"You can't get an egg fresher than if you take it out of a nest box today," Symons said. "And you walk into your kitchen and cook that egg."

To date, the farm says it has rented more than 30 coops.

"We have an incredible waiting list. People still interested in this year," she said. "Also, we have already taken reservations and deposits for next year."

The rental period lasts from May through November.

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