New Mexico rescue dogs travel to forever homes in Utah and Colorado

CENTENNIAL, COLO. - Twenty-two rescue dogs were flown to Centennial after being rescued from a kill-shelter in Roswell, New Mexico.

The animals were transported by Dog Is My Copilot, an organization that flies hundreds of rescue animals each year.

Pilot and founder Peter Rourke said he flies a thousand rescue animals every year.

"I know those numbers are small compared to all those animals being euthanized, but we've got to do something," said Rourke.

Jen OConnor organized the rescue of these New Mexico dogs. She has been rescuing dogs from the region since last summer. 

"We have a bunch of dogs that will be in Colorado and Utah that will be happy in forever homes," said OConner.

Every dog that arrived in Colorado has a home with either a new family or at a non-kill shelter.

"As you can see, Colorado has a lot of dog lovers that are willing to take the day off of work, set up and help these guys," said OConnor.

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