Need a Halloween costume without a scary price tag? ARC Thrift Stores have them for less than $10

DENVER - Halloween is supposed to be scary. But maybe the creepiest part of the holiday are the price tags! 

According to recent data from the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend nearly $7 billion on costumes, decorations, and candy. That is about $75 per person.

Unless, of course, you are thrifty.

There are 23 ARC Thrift Stores in Colorado from Pueblo up to Fort Collins.

“If you come on Saturday most items are 50 percent off so you save even more. You can put together a whole costume including accessories for under $10. Compare that to the big box retail stores,” said Stephanie Landree, Director of Business Development for ARC Thrift Stores.

“Plus when you come here it's non-profit so you're shopping with a purpose, all our proceeds go to help adults and children with developmental disabilities," she said. 


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