Mobile boutiques like 'Patterns & Pops' hitting the streets of Denver

DENVER, Colo. - First it was food trucks. But now, Denver fashionistas can find mobile boutiques roaming the city streets.

These small start-ups are working with local bloggers to get their grassroots businesses off the ground.

It's called pop-up fashion. And 7NEWS reporter Kristen Skovira set out to find the perfect outfit and the secret to their stylish success.

"Our fashion truck’s name is Patsy!" said co-owner Lindsay Naughton of Patterns & Pops mobile boutique.

"Patsy" rolls around Denver with co-owners Lindsay Naughton and Brittany Brennan behind the wheel.

"We would literally have to transport all of our clothing, all of our racks, full-length mirrors, just in our cars. People are very confused. We're the last people they expect to see driving a giant truck. And it's not exactly subtle," Naughton said.

But this mobile boutique isn't going for subtle. It's called "Patterns & Pops" for good reason.
"We started originally online and we felt like we were missing the customer interaction. We didn't get to see people try on our clothes and talk about them," Naughton said.

You won't find air-brushed ads or glossy fliers. Instead, Naughton and Brennan work with local fashion bloggers; women like Lacey Spruce and Mallory Sauer.

"We can check out their clothes, shoot some pics. Tell people about it on our social media. It just drives traffic into their stores," Sauer said.

"A lot of my readers, they’re like, 'Where can  shop that's not just at the mall?'" Spruce said.

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