Marijuana at a wedding is a marriage made in heaven for some Colorado couples

DENVER - Weed weddings or "weedings" are gaining attention in the Mile High City and industry insiders say some brides and grooms want something other than a natural high on their big day.

Denver florist Erin Hornstein was recently commissioned to create floral arrangements using flowers mixed with cannabis leaves.

Hornstein says the buds for the boutonnieres and bouquets were provided by the customer and she was happy to integrate the potent plant into her custom creations.

Many industry insiders say they anticipated this trend and think it will continue to grow.

Wedding Planner Debbie Orwat says, "As soon as it was legalized, we started chatting amongst ourselves; about what this was going to mean to us."

Orwat warns couples considering a weeding that many local venues will not allow pot on the premises, especially at high-end hotels and resorts.

Will the days of champagne and cake give way to marijuana-themed decor and desserts?

"Looking ahead, I can definitely see that we may get more and more requests to use it," says Hornstein.

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