Mail carriers helps make Christmas possible during busy holiday season

Many repeat route at least twice a day

DENVER, Colo. -

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for the United States Postal Service and they are working hard to make sure those gifts arrive on time. Nationwide, more than 611 million pieces of mail will be entered into the system. That's 7,000 a second. There are many people behind the scenes making it all possible.


Dale Szymanski is used to holiday season at the United States Postal Service.


“Been doing it for 35 years,” Szymanski says. “It's just like everything you just learn how to do it and it comes easy after a while.”


To say it’s busy is an understatement.


“Presents keep coming in” Szymanski says. “We like that part.”


He’s a pro at sorting letters and packages inside before taking them outside, loading up his vehicle, then hitting the streets.


With Christmas around the corner, and package volume doubling in the last four years, Szymanski has been running his route a little more often.


"Usually on a regular day we start at 8:30 in the morning,” Szymanski  says. “And during the holiday season right now they're coming in at six we're going out and delivering as many packages as we can coming back to the office sorting them out taking all the rest of the packages out that they collected out there sorted for that day and then we go out and deliver them until we're done.”


“We end up working like anywhere from 10 to 11 hours a day,” Szymanski continues. “And it's five days a week and less you're on the overtime list then you work six days a week.”


But there’s something that makes the long hours worthwhile.


“I've been over 30 years on this route,” Szymanski says. “I enjoy it. It's satisfying to see other folks that I know and become friends with them.”


Apparently the feeling is mutual.


“Dale I'm always excited when I see him at the door,” says Sharon Martin who lives along Szymanski's route. “And if I am available I always like to be able to have a chance to talk with him. I like to ask about his family he always asks about mine.”


“He definitely delivers Christmas and far more,” Martin says. 


It’s a busy Christmas season. But for this mail carrier worth every step.


I still like the job and that's why I do it,” Szymanski says. “In 35 years sticking with it I like it.”


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