Lyft accuses Uber employees of placing 5,660 bogus ride-share orders since October 2013

DENVER - Ride-share services Uber and Lyft are locked in a price war with each other, as well as taxi companies in the cities they operate. The latest casualty of the peer-to-peer car service battle is suffered by Lyft, who alleges that Uber has placed fraudulent ride orders across the country since October of 2013.

In documents shared with CNN Money, Lyft shows over 5,000 rides were ordered and cancelled by 177 phony accounts traced back to Uber employees. One employee phone number created 21 accounts and cancelled 1500 rides.

Although there is no evidence that Uber asked employees to place fraudulent orders with its rival, the dirty-tricks campaign limits Lyft drivers' ability to take calls, diverting ride-share customers to other services.

There are also accusations that Uber employees take short, unprofitable rides while trying to lure Lyft drivers to switch employers. 

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