How to keep cats and canines cozy during winter weather

DENVER - The Arctic Blast signaled Coloradans to pull out scarves, sweaters and winter coats from their closets. 

It's getting cold for dogs too. While they may grow thicker coats, man's best friend still needs the sensible care of their owners to help keep them warm.

The Dumb Friends League's Megan Rees says larger breeds can withstand the cold longer than smaller breeds, but it doesn't mean they like to.

"No matter what size or breed your dog is, [it's best] not to leave them outside for an extended period of time," says Rees. "Especially the little guys and the guys with short hair, put them in coats and maybe even booties. They'll tolerate it when you take them outside."

Be aware of neighborhood cats who may sneak under car hoods. 

"Bang on the hood of the car when you're getting in," says Rees. "They will seek warmth under the hood or behind a tire."


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