Exclusive cats-only hotel offers plush accommodations for felines

DENVER - Cozy fires, soft music, and dozens of themed rooms. It looks like your typical hotel and it is, except for one detail. This hotel is just for cats.

Michael Nocket and his wife opened the Evergreen Cat Lodge for fellow feline-enthusiasts, who didn't want to keep kitty cooped up in a cage.

"We decided to open the kind of facility that we would want to board our cats at," says Nocket." And with Thanksgiving being the busiest travel day, we are quite full."

Cats lucky enough to stay in the VIP room, or very important pet room, are treated to music, a ventilated litter box, and an electric fire place. Owners enjoy the web cam for a constant connection to kitty.

Loyal customer Bruce McCandless is a former NASA astronaut, who made the first ever untethered free-flight in 1984. He says cats get good care and personal attention.

"In my past experience, I've found in general that if you box them up--so to speak--or leave them at home, they tend to fight with each other," says McCandless.

He says he hopes his high praise won't ruin a nearly perfect location.

"Divulging the location of your secret fishing hole," says McCandless. "You don't want everybody coming."



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