Denver-based 'Fire Within' teaches mobile entrepreneurship

DENVER - It's wood, fire and dough on wheels.

Ajith Dharma is the owner of Fire Within. The Denver-based company has sold their ovens and their business model to more than 400 entrepreneurs and small business owners all over the world. 

“It's primal cooking." said Dharma, “It's not a food truck, it's not a restaurant, but when they see this 5,000 pound oven coming in it grabs everyone's attention."

Dharma says that these mobile ovens are changing the way food vendors think about cooking.

“There's a market difference between tasting a wood fired pizza versus getting from Domino’s,” he said.

The wood fire keeps the temperature at a roaring 900 degrees and when the smoke clears, it's time to eat.

“We can pump out about 10 pizzas in 90 seconds,” he said. 

Mobile entrepreneurs spent the morning learning the tricks of the trade from industry insiders like David Bravdica.

Bravdica is the owner of Brava! Pizzeria Della Strada and has four mobile trucks driving around the Denver area.

“It's been fantastic. Every year is exponential growth,” Bravdica said.

Newcomers like Chuck Couture hope to find similar success and came to the workshop hoping to launch their own businesses this summer.

“I want to start getting my feet wet because that's how I’m going to grow this business by experience,” Couture said.

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