Colorado pilot brings medical help to island nation of Papua New Guinea

DENVER - Five years after a Colorado pilot started using his skills to bring medical services to the remote island of Papua New Guinea, he is asking for help to keep the project flying.

Mark Palm started out using his float plane, and eventually raised enough money to add a second plane to the effort -- which is called Samaritan Aviation.

"Imagine if you're three to five days away from the only hospital and your wife gets sick or she's in labor and is going to die, and there is this airplane that can come in forty minutes and save her life, and to me it's like why wouldn't you get involved," Palm said. "There's so many stories of lives saved, and about sixty percent of those we pick up are mothers and babies, and last year alone we saved over sixty mothers and babies through using this airplane."

To donate to Samaritan Aviation, visit their website

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