Colorado's Waveguard creates an automatic, exterior fire-sprinkler to protect homes from wildfires

DENVER - It's a homeowner's nightmare. Watching as a wildfire moves ever closer to the property line. In June 2013, the Black Forest Fire destroyed more than 600 homes and cost insurance companies more than $420.5 million dollars. It is the most destructive fire in Colorado history.

“So that where we came up with the idea. Trying to build a system that could help people protect their properties,” said Randy Lang, founder and of WAVEGUARD Corporation.

The exterior fire sprinkler system works even while you're away, activating automatically when the infrared detector senses an oncoming blaze.

“It opens a valve, turns on a pump and starts the watering process,” Lang explained. “During that watering process we also inject a fire-retardant to the system. It's a micro blaze-out product.”

Using an on-site reservoir, WAVEGUARD waters the structure using several sprinkler heads and creates a 30 to 40 foot perimeter around the home.

“So what we are doing in essence is creating a whole different microclimate. Changing the ambient temperature around that house,” he said. 

The system is not cheap. It can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $25,000 and insurance agents like Jolene Johnson with Farmers Insurance love the idea and firefighters agree, saying it's an added layer of protection when the flames are zeroing in.

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