Colorado-based group 'Compassion & Choices' helping terminal cancer patient with end-of-life plan

DENVER - Cancer patient Brittany Maynard, 29, says she is ready to end her life so she doesn't die painfully of terminal brain cancer.

Her video message has gone viral and is rekindling the debate over assisted suicide.

Maynard reached out to Denver-based non-profit group "Compassion & Choices" to help her come up with an end-of-life plan.

The newly married woman moved from California to Oregon, one of the five states in the nation that allow people to end their own lives on their own terms. She says she is choosing to "die with dignity" on Nov. 1, just days after her husband's birthday.   

"Brittany reached out to us because after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer she was very concerned about how she was going to die," said Roland Halpern with Compassion & Choices. 

He says since Maynard went public with her story, many in Colorado have contacted their organization.

"People are saying 'why don't we have this is in Colorado?' and 'when are we going to have this?' Shouldn't we have a choice?" Halpern said.

But not everyone agrees with Maynard's course of action. Many say choosing to die is never a good choice. 

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