Boulder's Bitsbox teaches kids to create apps and games

BOULDER, Colo. - Many students learn another language in school or how to read music, but few learn the language of computers.

It's called coding and while it controls every device on our desks, few understand how it works.

A Boulder startup, founded by former Google programmers, want to teach young people JavaScript and the basics of computer coding through a series of fun web-based projects. They're called Bitsbox and it's not just a website; children will get a physical box in the mail every month. CEO and co-founder Scott Lininger says if children are taught when they are young, they could grow up fluent in a whole new language.

"Little kids are really good at learning languages.They are hard-wired for it and learning to code uses that same brain circuitry," said Lininger. "When would you rather have someone start to learn Russian: at 25 or 5 years?"

Alan Barber is a web developer at Cloud 9 Living in Boulder. He says open your mind to coding and you'll open up many career opportunities.

"Stage lighting, graphic design, video production -- those are all starting to have more and more technological components," says Barber.

"I was able to get a really good job out of school and I want to give that opportunity to every kid on the planet," says Lininger.

The company is wrapping up a Kickstarter campaign and hopes to ship Bitsboxes this Spring. 

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