Beekeepers are losing more than 1/3 of their colonies annually, but you can help save them

Beekeepers are losing more than 1/3 of their bees

PARKER, Colo. - Every winter, bee keepers lose about a third of their hives nationwide. But some local beekeepers have found a way you can get involved and "bee" part of the solution to keep colonies from collapsing. 

Nick French, a beekeeper and founder of Frangiosa Farm Honey attributes colony loss to some man-made factors. “It's the pesticides, herbicides, loss of forage." French manages about 40 hives in Parker, and the loss of colonies hits close to home. 

"In Colorado we see losses on average of about 35 percent every year. In some of the Great Lakes states, they've had much higher losses, up to 65 percent," he said. 

But a few creative beekeepers have come up with a new way to off-set colony losses. They're inviting bee supporters to Adopt-a-Hive and become part of the solution.

“It's expensive. To buy all of the equipment and I couldn't do it alone. So I wanted to get the community involved,” he said.

For a one-time adoption fee, ranging anywhere from $45 to several hundred dollars, you can adopt a hive and help keep the colonies from collapsing.

French started with only a couple dozen people interested in adopting. Now he's up to hundreds. If you decide to help, French and his bees will thank you with, what else -- all natural, local honey.


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