Apple gives away the new U2 album for free, but it will cost iTunes users $25 to delete it

DENVER - An awful sound emerged from my iTunes, while making dinner Tuesday night. It was a track from U2's new album "Songs of Innocence." An album that I did not purchase, download, or ask for.

Apple announced on Tuesday that they'd give away U2's first album in five years away for free. The tech giant did not provide an opt-out option before distributing the work in 119 countries.

Speaking at the event, U2's Bono described the project as, "The most personal album we've written could be shared with half a billion people by hitting send. If only songwriting was that easy."

Here's the problem. The album was distributed as an iTunes purchase, which means it's located in users' iCloud accounts. The only way to delete music from Apple's cloud is by subscribing to iTunes Match. A service that stores music on iCloud and automatically syncs the library to all of a user's Apple devices. iTunes Match costs $25 a year.

So, how do you delete Bono from your iTunes when Apple is determined to keep it there? Without iTunes Match, your only option is to hide the album from your iTunes.

1. Open your iTunes library and find U2's "Songs of Innocence".



2. Highlight the album, right click, and select delete.

3. Select "hide items".


4. Voila, you've not only renounced Apple implanting unwanted data into your cloud, but you won't be surprised by the comfortable, watered-down rock of U2's Forgettable Fire.

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