Denver girl Ginger Anderson documents her life the old fashioned way - in a journal

DENVER - These days, many use social media like a diary, posting thoughts and feelings, even personal photos.

Public posts and over-shares. Tweets and viral videos.

“Like everybody who's my age is like at the verge of going into social media,” said 10-year old Ginger Anderson.

The Denver girl created a way to remember special moments the old-fashioned way - in a journal.

Anderson says she wants her thoughts and feelings under lock and key.

“I want something that nobody else can see no matter what,” she said.

So together, with her grandfather, a former engineer, the 5th grader created a digital diary.

“It was very much a team effort,” said grandfather, Winston Sparks.

It's called My Story, My Life.

You can upload pictures, thoughts, songs, drawings, and paintings. Whatever makes you, you. What started as Anderson’s daily doodles and simple sketches has turned into an iTunes app, ready for the next generation of creative thinkers or people who need a place to vent.

Because every day is filled with memories, many of us wish we had written down.

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