The latest injury report from Broncos coach Gary Kubiak as the team gets ready to play Oakland

Gary Kubiak delivers Thursday's injury report

DENVER - Here is Gary Kubiak addressing all of the Broncos injuries after practice on Thursday. The Broncos had 22 players on the practice report:

On practice participation

“Did not practice today: [QB] Peyton [Manning], [S] T.J. [Ward], [ILB] Danny [Trevathan], [S] David Bruton [Jr.], [RB] C.J. [Anderson], [RB] Ronnie Hillman [and S] Omar Bolden, and [OLB] Shane Ray was sick. Limited today: [TE] Vernon Davis was back to work and cleared to come back to practice, [WR Andre] Caldwell, [NT] Sylvester Williams, [WR] Bennie Fowler, [G] Evan Mathis, [DE] Vance Walker, [S] Darian Stewart, [TE] Owen Daniels, [T] Michael Schofield and [OLB DeMarcus] D-Ware [Ware]. Everybody else was full. Really, the thing that changed was that Shane is sick and Vernon was cleared to return to practice today.”

On Davis returning to practice

“Yeah they still have to get the full clearance, but he was able to return today. He and Danny, we would still say that they’re both still in the protocol, but Vernon was cleared to come out here today.”

On Trevathan’s progress in the concussion protocol

“Danny is doing well. I don’t know those stages. I know that practice is one stage. That would be him trying to come back and practice tomorrow if he’s cleared to do that and then the game is the next stage. Vernon would be a step ahead right now.”

On Hillman not practicing

“Yeah, Ronnie did not practice. He did a little bit early of the walk-through stuff when we were getting started, but no he did not practice. The expectations are for him and C.J. to be full participants tomorrow, so we’ll see.”

On if Hillman and Anderson could play on Sunday

“Yeah, my expectations are [they will]. I think they’re both making up ground. We picked up the tempo a little bit today from yesterday, but we’re trying to get those guys to Friday right now.”

On if RB Juwan Thompson could start on Sunday

“Yeah, I think there’s a chance. He’s worked that way the last two days. We have a lot of confidence in him. He played a lot last week and played well. He’s in line rep-wise to go in there if need be. I think those other two guys—tomorrow will be a big indicator for them, but our expectations are for them to be there.”

On if Manning progressed any further with his on-field work

“[He did the] same thing. He’s doing the same thing in the mornings. If something changes, I’ll let you guys know, but he’s doing the same routine the rest of the week.”

On how Manning responded to throwing yesterday

“It was good. He came out fine, so we went through the same routine today.”

On if Manning is ruled out for Sunday

“Yes. Definitely, yes.”

On if Practice Squad ILB Zaire Anderson could be activated for Sunday

“We have some options that we’re looking at. There are a couple of things that we can do with [ILB] Corey [Nelson] and with [ILB] Todd [Davis]. We could move [ILB] Brandon [Marshall]. There are things that we can do with those three inside, so we’re kind of working through it right now and we’ll make a decision, but Zaire is always an option.”

On if Todd Davis would start in place of an injured Trevathan

“We’re going to make that decision, but we’ve been working a couple of different ways here for a couple of days. We’ll see.”

On if he’s ever had a team as injured during the same week

“No. That is the longest list that I’ve ever had, but I think some guys are pushing to get there, so I think tomorrow is a big indicator for us as a team. We’ve had good work. I think our work was good today. Obviously, we’re not in our pads and stuff like we are on Thursday, but our reps were good. I think we’re having a good week. We just have to see what takes place over the next 48 hours.”

On Ray being sent home for illness

“He was just really sick this morning, so we sent him to the doctor. From the doctor, they sent him home. I don’t know, there was something going on with his throat.”

On if CB Bradley Roby is getting time at safety

“No, we’ll see where David [Bruton Jr.] and Omar [Bolden] are tomorrow, but [S] Shiloh [Keo] is getting reps really quickly because he knows what he’s doing. He knows our scheme. There’s no reason for us to make a bunch of adjustments. I think that we have the ability to do some of that, but right now we’re okay. We’ll just keep going and see how we are on game day.”

On how Williams looked in practice on Thursday

“He’s doing fine. My expectations are for Sly to be ready to go from what I’ve seen the last two days.”

On if QB Trevor Siemian is prepared to play

“He better be. You know what, he’s working well. We’ve got a lot of confidence in him. I think skill-wise, he’s got all the skill to play in this league and be effective in this league. The question is about to be all the other intangible stuff when it’s time to go. He has worked hard and done a good job. If he goes in there, we’ve got to go in there and still find a way to move the ball and be successful. He’s a good kid. He’s working hard. I think he’s got a bright future.”

On if Ware has continued to make progress this week

“Yeah, really good progress. Today looked really good. I think if everything is full tomorrow, then we put our plan in place of how much he plays, but it sure looks like we’re working toward him being ready to go.”

On resting guards Louis Vasquez and Evan Mathis

“It definitely helped. Evan is still with a little hobble with his ankle, but we’re going to play all three of them somehow, someway. It was good for Lou to get through that way.”

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