FBI: No specific, credible threat to Super Bowl

Posted at 2:42 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 20:32:07-05

The FBI and the Secretary of Homeland Security stressed Wednesday that there is no specific, credible threat directed at Super Bowl 50.

"[We] look forward to a safe, secure and successful Super Bowl 50," Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said.

FBI agent David Johnson also stressed, "The FBI is unaware of any specific, credible threats."

Several law enforcement agencies held a news conference to talk about the increased security measures around the Bay Area including the airport and stadium.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said several agencies from Homeland Security are involved in security at and surrounding the event including the Transportation Security Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Coast Guard, FEMA, Customs and Border Protection and Secret Service.

Johnson said Homeland Security has provided magnetometer training for employees at the stadium, extra TSA agents at the airports, cycling teams at transportation hubs, helicopter & maritime support, assistance with security at several venues, aerial support at the stadium and other personnel.

The FBI has added evidence response teams, tactical teams, hazardous materials experts, airport liaisons, field intelligence teams, air assets and more, according to Agent Johnson.

San Francisco Police chief Greg Suhr said the large uniform presence on the streets of the city will remain.

"Our marine unit is also working with the Coast Guard," Suhr said.

Suhr said there have been arrests in the San Francisco area, but "the arrests so far are people having too much fun."

He said people have approached officers to check out things, and the officers have.

"Our region is better prepared because of this event," Santa Clara Police chief Michael Sellers said as he also stressed that he is "unaware of any credible threats on Super Bowl day."

Santa Clara is the location of Levi's Stadium, where the game will be played.

"We are focused on layered security, both seen and unseen," Sec. Johnson said.

One issue the FBI is dealing with is the theft of three handguns and a FBI agent's badge last week in Northern California. Agent Johnson said officials throughout the area know the name on the badge and will be watching.

Sec. Johnson once again stressed the importance of the public helping law enforcement.

"If you see something, say something," Johnson said. "The public has a role. That contributes to a safe event."