Plummer Flashes Finger At Jeering Fan

Broncos Quarterback Says Heckler Got To Him

Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer flashed an obscene gesture toward the stands Sunday after throwing a first-quarter interception and getting jeered in Denver's 20-17 victory over Miami.

Jake Plummer gives the finger to a heckler who taunted him after the quarterback threw a first-quarter interception.

"I apologize for that to our fans and everyone," Plummer said. "It wasn't directed to our fans. One guy got into my head a little bit. It shouldn't be that way but I'm an emotional guy. You guys watch the way I play, I play with a lot of passion. But I apologize to Mr. Bowlen, to our fans, to the entire staff, and our team. I would never direct that to our fans; we have the greatest fans in the league. There was a guy that I heard -- specifically things said -- and it kind of got in my dome. I can't be like that, but I'm an emotional guy, and I think if you ask my teammates, they'll say thatÂ’s why they like to play with me. I play with a lot of passion and sometimes it gets the best of me. I apologize to all of you, everybody, and my teammates."

Plummer finished 16-for-30 with two interceptions. He has no touchdowns and six interceptions in the last two games and has been the target of non-stop criticism recently in Denver.

Last week, former teammate Shannon Sharpe ripped into him, although Plummer said he hadn't heard the comments and labeled them nothing more than "Chinook winds blowing off the mountains."

He wasn't able to turn the deaf ear to the fans, however.

The interception came on a side-arm throw that was nabbed by Dolphins defensive end Jay Williams, the fourth defensive lineman to pick him off this season. After the play, TV cameras caught Plummer putting his middle finger behind his head while sitting on the bench, without turning around.

"I'm not going to lie and say I didn't do it, but it was directed towards one person and not to our fans by any means," Plummer said. "I've never done it before, but it was just one of those things. I got caught up in the emotion of the game and my emotions got the best of me. At times that happens, and I'm man enough to accept that and get ready to move on and keep pushing."

Plummer wouldn't reveal what the fan said to rile him.

"He didn't say 'Good job,'" Plummer said. "On the road you just block them out, and when you are at home you don't like it, but all you can do is try to go out there and reverse it and make them cheer for you. That's all you can do."

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