Missy Franklin Stops By Leno Before Returning To Class

17-Year-Old Gold Medalist Returns To Regis Jesuit High School On Thursday

It's been a busy week for Colorado's golden girl, Missy Franklin.

The Olympian and 17-year-old honor student returned to Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora on Thursday, a day after appearing on late-night TV.

Franklin appeared on the "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night, where Jay Leno showed off her medals and asked her, "Do you love the bronze as much as the gold?"

"Yes, it was my first Olympic medal. I absolutely love it. I think it gets lonely. Everyone leaves it out. 'Your four gold.' But my little bronze," Franklin said.

Franklin said she has dual citizenship, since her parents are from Canada, but it was an easy decision to compete for the United States.

"Well I was born really close to here -- Pasadena, Calif. So I was born and we moved out to Colorado when I was 2 days old. So born and raised in the U.S. It's my country, my home, so it was never really a choice," Franklin said.

The more difficult choice now is what to do next with her career -- whether to go to college or turn pro.

"There has definitely been a lot of talk about it. It's gotten a lot harder after these games. I have been offered a lot more and it's a very difficult decision but swimming in college has always been something I wanted to do. I love being part of a team," Franklin said.

Franklin said she's excited to return to school and finish her last year of high school.

"I'm taking some really fun classes this year. I'm really excited. OK, forensic science I'm really excited about, like CSI Miami, I get to channel my Horatio Caine," Franklin said. "I'm taking advanced dance. I'm doing economics, philosophy. I'm only taking one AP class this year. I'm doing literature and composition."

She doesn't know yet which university she will attend but Franklin does have eyes on the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in four years.

She has one month off from swimming, which she said feels "weird" because she has been training constantly.

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