Meet the Centurylink Prism TV Fan of the week, Isaiah Garcia-Otero

DENVER, Colo. - No gimmicks, costumes, or creative chants.

Isaiah Garcia-Otero is indeed a Denver Broncos "super fan". 

Just how long has he been a Broncos die-hard? "All my life man, all my life," said Garcia-Otero. His favorite all-time Bronco is 12 time Pro-Bowler Champ Bailey.

"Probably the number one player that got me into it, said Garcia-Otero."

His tricked out ride took first-place at the Broncos fan rally at Boogie Down bar and grill during the AFC Divisional playoff week, when the Broncos hosted the Steelers.

It took a lot of hard work. "We got probably a month on the inside and two months on the outside worth of paint," said Garcia-Otero. 

As the Broncos prepare for Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California he says "running game and defense" will be key.



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