Marshall Atlanta Arrest Tape Reveals Details Of Domestic Spat

'Pinned Up A Female' Part Of Tape

Police tapes provide more insight into the March 1 arrest of Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall as a ‘very loud’ dispute with ’kicking’.

According to Atlanta police 911 tapes obtained by and provided to, a witness told police the domestic incident "seems pretty violent."

Early on in that first call, the police dispatcher asks the witness, “So there’s a male beatin’ on a female?”

CALLER: “Apparently, I guess, I’m up in a condo just a few floors up from the ground, but yeah it seems pretty violent."

The witness goes on to say Marshall was wearing pants but no shirt.

The officer then describes seeing Marshall and his fiancée, Michi Nogami-Campbell, by the loading dock of the Cancer Society.

The officer says, "I don’t think punches (are being thrown), but they’re very loud…a male, pinned up a female against the loading dock doors…She’s ... to the ground now, it’s just a verbal.."

Then later that officer says, "..they’re kicking each other."

Both Marshall and Nogami-Mitchell were arrested but the case was dismissed.

Marshall is due in a Georgia courtroom later this month, for an alleged assault case dating back to March of 2008, also in Atlanta, involving a now ex-girlfriend name Rasheda Whatley.

They are the latest in a series of legal troubles stretching back to the earlier part of the decade and Marshall's college football days at the University of Central Florida.

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