Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning

Posted at 9:40 PM, Jan 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 13:07:06-05

Two quarterbacks with one big game on the line.

The Tom Brady and Peyton Manning basics:

  • Brady is 39 years old, weighs 225 pounds and is 6-foot-4. He was the 199th draft pick in the 6th round of 2000.
  • Manning is 40 years old, weighs 230 pounds and is 6-foot-5. He was the 1st pick in the 1st round of 1998.

7 things to know about this coming game:

  1. This will be the 17th time Brady and Manning have faced each other.
  2. Brady has 11 victories of the 16 matchups. Eight of the victories were against the Colts and three against the Broncos.
  3. Neither has won on the other’s home field in the post-season.
  4. This is the fifth time these quarterbacks will meet in the playoffs. They’re each 2-for-2.
  5. Looking beyond… Manning’s after a second Super Bowl win and perhaps fifth MVP award. This could be Brady’s fifth Super Bowl win and fourth MVP designation.
  6. The Broncos met the Patriots in this season. Denver took the win – with Brock Osweiler at the helm.
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Tom Brady

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