BB18 Week 2: Running can be a stress buster and help your heart

BOULDER -- If you’re wavering on whether you want to get in shape for the BolderBOULDER, running experts say you need to keep in mind there are lots of benefits to being physically fit.

For starters, there’s improved cardiovascular fitness. It’s good for your heart. 

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There is also weight management, which is why many people start a workout routine to begin with.

There is also great benefit to having increased endorphins. Those can help you reduce stress and keep you mentally sharp.

They can also help you find your “flow.”

“Flow is what you’re looking for in a run and you’re like ‘I feel great, I could run forever,’” elite runner Neely Spence Gracey told Denver7's Katie LaSalle..

Of course, running with a group or running club can also help you out.

“I remember when I was a pro runner, even more important to me was the people I trained with,” BolderBOULDER pro athlete coordinator Don Janicki said.  “I have people I’ve trained with for 25 years and we still do runs today and it’s a kick.”

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