BB 17 Week 4: Now is a good time to run a tune-up or qualifier race for the Bolder Boulder

Posted: 7:00 AM, Apr 09, 2017
Updated: 2017-04-09 12:40:13-04
BB17 Week 4: Do you need a qualifier race?
BB17 Week 4: Do you need a qualifier race?
BB17 Week 4: Do you need a qualifier race?

BOULDER, Colo. -- We are now six weeks away from the  BolderBOULDER  and now might also be a great time to get out some of those pre-race jitters and run a 5K Qualifier race.

You don’t have to qualify to run in the  BolderBOULDER , but if training is going well and you feel like you are up to the challenge of running in the first 32 waves, you’ll need to run a 5K that is timed in April or the beginning of May.

If you need a qualifier, a great race series you can run is the Dash & Dine 5K race – it’s a series of six races that take place at the Boulder reservoir throughout April and May.

Other reasons a smaller 5K race can help you prepare:

  • Tune-up for the  BolderBOULDER
  • You can rehearse for the big day
  • You can settle your nerves
  • Practice your race day nutrition and test out your race day gear
  • Have fun and enjoy your first 5K

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