Hockey Greats Talk About Sakic's Retirement

Statements From Roy, Bourque, Forsberg

The following hockey legends and city and sports leaders released the following statements about Joe Sakic's retirement.

Patrick Roy

“Joe Sakic played a key role in the two Stanley Cup conquests with Colorado and it was a privilege for me to play with him. He was not only a great player on the ice, but also a very good person to know off the ice. He was a player with great assets, but I have always been fascinated by the speed of his wrist shot. Congratulations on a great career Joe.”

Ray Bourque

“I had a blast playing in Colorado with Joe Sakic as our captain. I don’t think I have played with anybody who has had a better season then he did the year we won the Stanley Cup. He was a true professional and an exceptional athlete, but what I will remember most about him is that he represents one of the classiest people I have been around in all my career.”

Peter Forsberg

"I would like to congratulate Joe on an unbelievable career. I am very happy I got the opportunity to play with him and win two Stanley Cup championships. Since the first day I got to the NHL, Joe has been the best teammate you could possibly ask for. He’s a very classy person and a great leader. I'm sad to see him leave the game but he's played 20 seasons and had a tremendous career and I'm glad I got the chance to play alongside him for many years."

Mario Lemieux

"I always admired Joe's talent and determination as a player, and I was honored to be his teammate when we won a gold medal for Canada in the 2002 Olympics. In addition to his tremendous accomplishments on the ice, Joe also was a first-class person and leader. I want to congratulate him on an exceptional career."

Steve Yzerman

"I was very fortunate to play with and against Joe throughout his amazing career. His humility and the class with which he always conducted himself I greatly admired. He was a great leader and competitor who always played his best hockey at the most important times. Joe possessed one of the quickest and most accurate wrist shots I have witnessed. I believe he retires as one of the greatest clutch players in the history on the NHL."

Peter Stastny

"Joe Sakic was a fun player to watch. It was special that he was on the power play with me in Quebec and then 20 years later, he was playing on the power play with my son Paul in Colorado. I'm very happy for Joe for all that he has accomplished during his career. He was a complete player and one of the greatest in history."

Avalanche Owner E. Stanley Kroenke

"On behalf of KSE, the Colorado Avalanche and hockey fans around the world, I would personally like to thank Joe Sakic for the countless unforgettable memories he provided us on and off the ice over the past 20 years.

Joe represents all that is good about not only the Avalanche organization but professional sports in general. His leadership, sportsmanship and respect for the game of hockey are legendary.

I have had the privilege of being associated with some of the world’s greatest athletes, and Joe’s record-setting accomplishments on the ice and his uncompromising commitment to community causes place him in a very elite group. We wish him and his family nothing but the best in the future."

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper

"Wayne Gretzky once talked about how good hockey players play where the puck is – and how great hockey players play where the puck will be. That was Joe Sakic. He was great and there will never be another player like him. Joe was clutch on the ice and a true ambassador off the ice. We wish Joe and his family the very best in the next phase of life."

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